Registration 2015

Because of the rate increase from the League we have to increase our rates this year as well.  The 2015 season fees will be $145.00 per Athlete. (if you need help with any of our fees, please communicate this with the staff)

The rental fees for Lacrosse gear will be $90.00. Please send the staff an email if you plan on renting gear from NL so that we can make arrangements. 

Registrations received after February 15th will be increased to $175.00.

New Athlete Bonus discount, We will refund $15.00 for each new Athlete you recruit to our club who completes all four steps of our registration process.

Please select the age group your athlete will be playing at in 2015.  Based on their Date of Birth

Click the "Add to Cart" button and select "check out" if you only have one Athlete. 

Click on the "Continue Shopping" button to add more Athletes. 

If you require a Gear rental, please complete the rental part of this form.

After completing the PayPal part of this you must be sure to click "Return to Native Lacrosse" after to complete the Roster part of this registration.