About US

Native Lacrosse, Inc. was created in 1996 with the mission of instilling pride and empowerment in the hearts and minds of Denver Metro’s American Indian children through the game of lacrosse. To achieve this mission, the objectives of Native Lacrosse are: 

  1. To develop confidence, pride, physical and mental toughness
  2. To challenge youth to work as one
  3. To promote community pride and connection
  4. To introduce techniques of the modern day game
  5. To teach the traditions of the game
  6. To build inter-tribal unity
  7. To enhance self-esteem

Traditionally, the ball used in the game of Lacrosse represents medicine, a way of healing and communicating. Through this, the game has come to represent a picture of life, in which by reclaiming the game, the ties of unity within our community can be strengthened, promoting the Iroquois legacy of different tribes coming together, despite their differences.

It is our responsibility as a community to provide the tools necessary for our children to become resilient to any adversities and negative influences encountered in life. It is our hope that Native Lacrosse’s message will provide a sense of pride and positive Indian identity for our children, and that they will be confident and empowered to compete in today’s global society, achieving both personal and social success, without losing their connection to their traditional heritage.