WHAT - 3v3 Chumash Lacrosse Tournament. 

WHO - Current 2017 Spring Native Lacrosse players and friends; Native Lacrosse alumni (High School age): coaches and parents.  We will have 3 divisions for the youth teams: Hawks(U13), Falcons(U11) and Cubs (U8). 

WHERE - South Sheridan Park (5370 W Ohio Ave, Lakewood, CO 80226)  

COST - $10/player for youth players; $20/player for alumni and parents 

This is a fundraiser for the Native Lacrosse club! 

Chumash Basics - The game will be played 3v3 on a 30x50 yard field. There will be one goal (with no goalie) in the middle of the field with two creases surrounding the goal (a smaller 6-yard crease and one larger oval crease outside of that). 

The game is played in full pads. Take out checks are not allowed, but all other rules based on age groups will be followed like the traditional lacrosse game.  

The parents game will be played with sticks and gloves; stick checking only (no body contact). No experience is necessary. We will pair teams to make sure experience is even, as best as possible.  

We will have pads available to borrow for the day.  

Chumash Registration